Implementing the Fortune Wheel In JavaScript
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Implementing the Fortune Wheel In JavaScript

Have you ever stay up at night, feeling hungry, and decides to leave whether you should have a hot, satiating meal or not up to fate? Have you thought that if you roll more than 3, you could just go but this happens?


Then you feel like the random system they have is crappy and dammit, I am going to implement a physics-based spinning wheel so I can guarantee its unfairness? Well fear no more my friend, for you’ve come to the right place! Today I present: the Spinning Wheel of FATE!


There is nothing to introduce! I am going to implement it right away! Aaaaarghh! I want my fried eggs so bad!

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Well, it’s not that hard, really. Just draw a circle and implement all sorts of physics stuffs. You can view the source tree here.


There is no conclusion. I am going to cook now.


Why would there be references? I am so hungry!