Cycles Inside Yada Yada Yada, Building Could Produce Unreliable Results
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Cycles Inside Yada Yada Yada, Building Could Produce Unreliable Results

I don’t know if anyone else has this issue, but lately (2~3 months maybe?) when I was using Xcode, I am getting this error, and it has been very, very annoying. It has become such a PITA now, that I actually have to find a way to solve it! Can you believe it?


Cycle inside blah; . This usually can be resolved by moving the target's Headers build phase before Compile Sources.  
Cycle details:  
→ Target 'blah' has copy command from 'yada' to 'ugh'  
○ Target 'blah' has link command with output 'yada'

Well, everything was nice and comfy before I upgraded my Xcode to the latest version. Then it becomes to barf out errors like this! And almost every single one of my applications using more than one library provides this warning when I am trying to build it. So, what’s the solution?


Well, I’ve found multiple ways to solve it. Let’s see one by one.

1. Procastinate

Problems might go away if you procastinate. However, this isn’t that effective in computing. One way to procastinate this effect is by saving a source file. Yep, just hop to any one of the target’s source file, and hit ⌘S to save it. The file doesn’t need to be changed! Now you can build your project! The only problem is everytime when you are trying to run the project unsaved, the error will just pop out again.

2. Change Back to Legacy Build System

Go to Xcode, select File → Project Settings, and change the build system back to legacy build system:


It will then work out. Unless you hate old stuffs!

3. Change The Build Phase

Finally, just go to project settings, and drag the Compile Sources phase to the bottom:


… And you are good to go!


There aren’t that much conclusion here I guess? Just don’t procastinate. You gotta face it one day.


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  2. If your project has a target dependency cycle, Xcode Help