Stop Belittling Myself
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Stop Belittling Myself

Because of parental education, and a bit of myself, I often belittle myself when others compliment me. Also I am quite afraid that what I make is usually garbage and other’s aren’t. But you know what? No. None of these makes sense. Why should I do that anyway?

Truth is, there’s a huge difference between belittling oneself and being modest. “Man are you great, “ I say. “I am a piece of trash though.” I say. There’s absolutely no benefits from this whatsoever. There is also an additional chance people might think I are pretending to suck as things which in reality, I am not. No one will feel good from this terrible comparison, because it isn’t the fairest of comparison in the first place. My compliment seems fake. My “modest” also seems fake.

I will also say loads of stuffs like “I might be wrong!”, and maybe I do. But why should I say that, too? If I am wrong, I am wrong. Another clear self-belittle sign is I will often use “maybe” when I am making sentences. “Yeah maybe this would work.” “Oh I don’t know, maybe?” If I am sure about that, please don’t use maybe. And if I are not sure, Google it! Don’t try to tell people I am Googling, though.

My mother always tells me to be humble, and keep a low key profile, blah blah blah. Screw that and screw low profile. I’ve got skills, so why can’t I show it off? That’s extremely unhealthy. I can just go down a level, and just be modest, right? When others give compliment, I will just accept, and compliment them instead. In this way, everybody is happy.

So here’s what I am going to tell me this time: “You are not a piece of trash, so don’t tell yourself you are.” Same goes for you, dear reader. It’s not bad to show off, just don’t do that way too much. My mom can put the crudely made video onto TikTok and get lots of likes, why can I put my crudely made stuffs onto HN? People will know it’s good or bad! But if I never uploads it, I will never know. Cheerio!