When Nostalgia Hits, It Hits Hard
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When Nostalgia Hits, It Hits Hard

Nostalgia is some sort of emotion you don’t think you have during ordinary life. Today in my dreamscape, I was hit by this really strong wave of nostalgia, and now nearly all my memories of high school is covered in this old school, and comfortable, safe filters. It’s already 3 years! I can’t believe it.

Highschool is arguably the happiest duration of my life (until now, at least): friends all around, and I only need to study then, my parents won’t let me use a mobile phone during the last year of my high school (the Chinese metriculation exam, yeah), so I smuggle one inside and make those little games to play with my classmates, who also couldn’t bring their phone to school. When my phone was almost confiscated, we play pencil and paper games, just like we did in primary school. Ah, memories.

It was a time when I have far worse English (compared to now), and everything is far simpler than now. When things were hard then, they tell you it is hard. It’s not easy and you gotta tackle it. Now when things are hard, they don’t tell you how hard it is anymore. Nope. They tell you it is easy (because they want your help). I don’t know. I mean when things are hard, you should tell them, right?

So after I woke up from the dream, instead of letting it go, I searched around the Internet and found this, and it tells me to embrace it. I thought about the high school life, for a moment, and it feels like I was there. There are girls who I have a crush on, girls who have a crush on me (really?), all sorts of obviously-unhygenic-but-delicious restaurants, and of course, friends. I guess high school is nice for me because I am not bullied, and things tend to go my way. It feels good to make some true friends in high school. And I love you guys! Well, they probably won’t be able to know I wrote this anyway; they don’t even know I have a blog.

Alrighty, confession done! Well, to be fair, if I could live in high school again, I will note to myself that I should really focus on mathematics. Then I guess I could end up in a better university! Even though ending in this university is already kinda sorta miracle for me.


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