Uninstalling Steam
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Uninstalling Steam

I am uninstalling Steam (and announcing it here). It’s a necessary preparation for the grad entrance exam.

Am I crazy? Well no! I am using my slipping-away self-control to do the right thing (maybe). Hopefully by the time of next year, I am successful and is bragging to everybody around me. But right now I really don’t have that much right to do sucha thing.

Uninstalling Steam means I myself will no longer play any games on Steam, thus the ones playing on Steam will only be my father & my girlfriend (Northgard for my dad & Rimworld for my gf. Those are all very good games, btw).

Well, see you guys in a year! I know I might never be able to get back to the state when I was senior grade three. But who knows? It’s always worth a shot.

Let’s do it man!