Hello, 2020
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Hello, 2020

Hello 2020!

I am not going to write much here. It’s 31/12/19, aaand I am still reviewing my embedded. I suck at it. Seriously. I hate this thing. You will still hate it ten years in future, trust me, man.

It’s a new decade, & I still get my big ambition. Stuff might be going great, but I am fucking lazy lately, and I don’t know why. I can’t really tell. Why man? Snap out of it!

In the next decade, I am gonna turn 30. I feel so old. But it’s OK man! Ten years ahead of me! And stuffs are gonna turn out great! I want to do so much things. My grad project might be a renderer.

But I am not setting any flags for myself here. Flags will be useless. My future should be inpredictable, instead of having too clear a route. I have a vague idea of what I am gonna do in the future, though! It’s Computer Graphics, obviously!

Well, if you are 30 and you are checking this page out, here’s who you are 10 years ago:

  • You love OSTs, guitar & mandolin music, and a tiny smidge of rock & roll!
  • You love indie games.
  • You watch Friends.
  • You love Computer Graphics, demoscenes, etc.
  • You are reviewing for grad entrance exam. (Not at all)
  • You are reviewing for the final. (Still nope)
  • You have a girlfriend, Olivia Ao.
  • You use macOS.
  • You seriously want to learn guitar (But so far doing nothing).

My roommates are all out, one back home in his uncle’s wedding, one out perhaps with his girlfriend, and one perhaps in some large group staying over the night counting down. I am the only one in the dormitory. Still fucking lazy. I feel like I could shoot the stars, but I know if I do nothing about it, nothing will ever change. I still got this continuously sense of tense, as if I am late for something. Damn that feeling. Why will I ever get that feeling?

Ten years might pass quickly or slowly. Who knows? Remember to shave yourself. And clip the nails. And occasionally hang out with friends! And go to Guangzhou University! Coding in their cafe will be the best! Maybe going overseas then? Joining Valve? Or an indie corp? Or just a visa sponsor? Who knows!

Well, here’s another ten years! Let’s see! Hear hear!