No Phone Monday!
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No Phone Monday!

No Phone Monday is just as its name intended, that you play no phone on Monday! It’s gonna be a little challenge set by myself. I dunno why I am setting this challenge for myself. Maybe I am pursuing a greater goal or something, I don’t care. Mais, here’s the rule:

  • No phone on Monday.
  • I can use computer & other stuffs, as long as it is not that of iOS or Android or any system based on a RISC command set.
  • If I fail, I am gonna post my failure date here.
  • The No Phone Monday starts from 8:30 (start of the first class) to 21:30 (maybe after I finished bathing).
  • I can use phone as a meaning to access social media (such as wechat’s phone auth), nothing else.

I hope everything will work out alright! At least I am not gonna fail in the first Monday, right?

Wish me luck!

Fun Fact: It is also abbreviated as NPM.

9/12/19: Clock in at 8:30 AM
9/12/19: Clock out at 11:58 AM
9/12/19: Clock in at 2:06 PM
9/12/16: Clock out at 6:36 PM