Random Thoughts About Conciousness
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Random Thoughts About Conciousness

In my opinion, conciousness is a human’s reason of existence. According to René Descartes: Cogito Ergo Sum, which roughly translates to I think therefore I am, humans are only considered to be human if this human could think. Maybe that’s also why a human is partially consider dead when he’s brain dead(also that brain-cell-not-able-to-respawn stuff, yeah). So I am going to post my thoughts about conciousness below, and it might seem a tad hilarious, but I don’t care because nobody knows what conciousness is yet and I can interpret it in whatever way I want. Until one day it could be proved, at least!

So uh, here’s my thought: you have more than one conciousness in your head. This weird thought come to me when I was dreaming, and it explains stuffs! Allow me to explain.

Multiple conciousness is why you can stop yourself from doing something, aka having self control. Conciousness is developed with age; that’s why when you are small, you don’t have self control. Your different conciousness have different personalities. Sometimes they might all agree on one thing, and it seems to you that they are thinking in unison; but other times they fight. Some think you should enjoy and some does not. Sometimes conciousness A gains the upper hand and you went to entertain yourself; others conciousness B wins and you went to work.

The first conciousness of every human is quite immature, as it borns as you born. If it wants toy, it wants toy. If it wants sex, it wants sex. However the second conciousness will soon be borned, and it might be a careful conciousness. It learns from experience, when it gets punished, it knows this does not feel well and will prevent the same thing from happening in the future. If the second conciousness is not a conciousness with the “careful” trait, then maybe the third, or the fourth. Maybe one does not have such a conciousness at all, and that’s why they are reckless. It’s like tiny personalities borned in your body. They hold meetings over your daily decisions. Should I play? Should I work? Well I can work after play.

When too much mental impact has done to someone, one’s conciousness might not agree with other anymore and it will become a total rogue conciousness. Or a group of conciousnesses will become rogue, therefore appearing as multiple personalities constantly fighting for control over the body, or schizophrenia. Schizophrenia happens when one or more conciousness does not want to work with other conciousnesses anymore, and become an independent personality of its (or their) own. It’s like a rebellion!

Multiple conciousness might also be the reason why there is voice in your head, and also why the voice sometimes argue. Hopefully there will be a more reasonable reasoning in the future than this meaningless blahbers, but now at least my imagination can go wild! Maybe I might even be proven right someday! Who knows?